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Windows Options

Here on this options page you can set a few general interface options


Show tool tips

When a mouse is entering into an software control, text box, toolbar button etc then the tips about selected function, method, button etc will be shown as a standard small tips.

To enable these tips select this check mark, please note that sometime tips text may interfere with normal messages that software sends to Status Bar.


Show super tips

Regular tips are giving just a little description about selected component. Super tips will give you more of a description.

To enable these tips select this check mark, tips will be display with bigger popup window. However when a button is located in the menu then a tip will be shown in status bar instead.



If you get familiar with software functions you may turn them off so they will not annoy you anymore.

The effect of change an option will take place when you reopen a window or restart the software.

Once a tip on window is set it may be changed only during next session.


Restore windows positions

If selected then program will save and restore at startup size, positions and state of all program's windows that was opened on shutdown


Standalone windows

Here is a list of some of major software windows. You can selected which window you want to have opened out of main software window.

By default all windows are opened as child window within the main software window.