Sprintbit File Manager for Windows is a slick and versatile multifunctional software dedicated to browse, run, view, play, edit and organize files and directories on your computer or network computers. 

File Manager includes many of features that you have not seen in any of other programs of this type.
It is easy to use with intuitive, beautiful, skinned and customizable interface. Here is what you can do using this program:

Files Management
  • You can perform all standard file operation's like moving, copying, deleting, creating folders, running files, viewing files and execute many more commands....
  • Manage the contents of your computer using unlimited number of Files Managers, File Browsers and Explorers. 
  • The software also hosts native Windows system File Browser, so you can work with the files in the same way as you do it in Windows.
  • You can use macros that can execute a series of file's operations and commands at once. Built-in Macros Editor lets you create your own macros.
  • Use Folders Synchronizer to synchronize contents of folders. You can have a set of your own favorite folders saved in database for fast synchronizing 
  • Manage your computer startup programs by using built-in Startup Manager
  • Manage cookie files using Cookies Manager, you can store good for your files in database, restore them to disk if necessary.
  • Search cookies and delete unwanted cookie files.
Files Viewing & Editing
  • You can view and edit text files using professional text editor like Microsoft Word.
     The software has powerful cryptography features. You will be able to encrypt & decrypt all kind of files and view many of encrypted file types in-the-fly.
  • You can encrypt multimedia files like audio, video and images as well. The software can play encrypted files and our other programs are compatible with these files. So, you can play encrypted files with Sprintbit Media Player and Sprintbit Playlist Manager
  • Rename files and directories using advanced Files Rename that lets you rename files in batch mode with many renaming options
  • Join files together, split & merge files.  Set file attributes and date, and execute many other miscellaneous commands
  • Create, view and decompress ZIP, TAR, BZIP & GZIP archives.  You can browse and manage ZIP archives as they were just normal folders, you can copy or move files directly between File Browser and archive and vice-versa or even directly between two archives.
  • View, edit and convert images.
  • You can check your shortcuts (. LNK files) on your computer to see if they valid, edit, create or fix them or delete all invalid links.
  • View selected file contents or detailed information about file by use of built-in File Viewer.
  • File Viewer recognizes a lot of file types, and it will show you the contents of any text file type, play audio or video, view playlist, show pictures etc.
  • Search your computer, the software has two file searching features, Quick Files Searcher that lets you find files quickly in opened File Browser and Files Searcher.
  • Files Searcher allows to execute the search and find files/directories matching a many of search specifications and attributes. 
  • View a lot of information of drives & folders and view them on charts & grids
  • Print documents, graphics on any printer installed on computer
  • Search & Replace multiple files at once with the source one.
  • This tool allows you to search through folders for specified files and replace all of them with the one source file.
  • Use Favorites & Run menus to build a list of your shortcuts for easy access to your favorite files or paths.
  • Use Drag & Drop method, with the mouse you can drag files directly between Browsers.  You can also Drag & Drop files to and from another Windows application as well. These methods support ZIP archive's files manipulations as well
  • You can play all major audio files: mp3 mp1 mp2 wav ogg aiff wma m4a mp4 flac aac ac3 wv it xm s3m mod mtm mo3 cda mid and other if you have required codec installed.
  • Use playlists of all popular formats: m3u asx pls b4s wpl wax wvx wmx ppl smp xspf zpl pla
  • You can play all major video files: DVD, mpg mp4 asf avi wmv mkv and many other if you have required codec installed on your computer..
  • Play files in normal or full screen mode