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Files Viewer

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Files Viewer lets you get quick information about any selected file, it also serves as a viewer for a lot of file types.
To open its window click on the open Files Explorer button located at Main toolbar > Manager tab  > Managers group.

It is very easy to view files,  with just one click on a file you can view it; when you click on an image and it will display the image in the images viewer, click on a text file, it will show its contents.
It has built-in multimedia player for easy audio and video files playback.
In addition Files Viewer will show properties of any selected file on a File Details page.
The file Viewer also can open your encrypted files.

The following file types are supported to view their full contents or playback
.xml .bat .ini .txt .asc .asm .log .doc .dat .dep or any files of such kind that can be read as a text files.
Web Pages
.htm .html .shtm .mhtml .shtml .mht .asp or any files of such kind that can be viewed as web page
File Preview widow has ability to browse web pages in the same way like you browse the Internet using your Internet Explorer.

Multimedia Files
.mp3 .mp1 .mp2 .wav .ogg .aiff .aifc .au .wma .m4a .flac .aac .ac3 .wv .it .xm .s3m .mod .mtm .umx .mo3 .cda .mid .raw .mpa .g729 .g726 .g723 .g721 .gsm .vox .mpc .mp+ .mpga .amr .ra
.mpg .mpeg .asf .avi .wmv .swf .mov .vob .mp4 .ifo .flv .3gp .qt .mkv .rm
Please note that in order to play multimedia files you must have appropriate audio & video codes installed on your computer.
.m3u .smp .asx .pls .b4s .wax .wvx .wpl .wmx .ppl .xspf .zpl .pla
Image Files
.jpg .exif .gif .bmp .png .tif .emf .ico .wmf

.zip .gzip .bz .tar
You can preview a files from within a archive without decompressing an archive
Specific Files
.pdf .odt .docx

How to work with Files Viewer:
To open a its window click on the Files Viewer button located at main software window ribbon bar in Manager\Managers group.

The window has the following components:
Files Tree


Files Tree is like a files browser component that lets you browse your computer and select folders or files to view

Keep clicking on a file or a folder in Files Tree and then the file preview will be generated automatically.


File Details


File Details page will show you any selected file basic properties like a full path to a file, file's date creation, modification, size and attributes.
But this is not all at all, depending on a selected file type there are additional prosperities shown, for example when you select a video file then a video width and height properties are shown.
A variety of files are supported, to see how it works just keep selecting files in your computer.


On the rights side of the Files Viewer window you can see a few pages:


These pages has a components built-in that will show selected file contents or play multimedia files.
Sprintbit File Manager will switch between pages and show files contents automatically.
Document and Text pages will show a variety text and documents files.
Image page is a Picture Viewer with a limited sets of buttons.

Media Player Page

This small window includes the following playback controls in the order from left to bottom

Playback start button
Pause playback button
Stop playback button
Previous file button
Next file button
Mute playback button
Zoom In This button zooming in the video screen
Zoom Out This button zooming out the video screen
Video screen size, click on a small arrow button to open a popup windows where you can set how to size the video

The video will be played with video original size
Video will be resized to fit entire video player window. The video will be resized proportionally.


If a video original size is bigger the video player window then video will be resized to fit into a video player window otherwise it will be played in its original size.


The video size will be calculated accordingly to the last set Zoom In or Zoom Out size. Calculations are done in percent so the size of video screen may vary. For example if you have played some video and used zoom command then the video is zoomed in or out, in about 5 percent of its original size  anytime you click. If you start play next video then the video will be resized to last calculated size.

Top left time display the total file playback time
Next time display for showing the current playback time position
Top left slider for controlling playback balance
Top right slider for controlling playback volume
Bottom slider for controlling playback position
Right time display for showing how much of time has left