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The Tools page at Text Editor Ribbon has some additional tools



Invokes the Find and Replace form used to search for specific text in the document. You can quickly search for every occurrence of a specific word or phrase
Invokes the Search and Replace form that enables the user to search for specific text and replace it with a specified string.
The Replace command shows a window illustrated in the picture below. The tab Replace is active, while the Find tab is active if the window is invoked by the Find command


The following command are available on either of those windows

Find What
In the Find what box, type the text that you want to search for.
Replace With
In the Replace with box, type the replacement text.

Match case
If the Match case check box is selected, text editor searches only for words that match the case of the word or phrase that you typed in the Find what box. For example, if you search for FILE, the result includes FILE but not file.

Find whole words only

Normally you use wildcards to search for text. If this check mark is checked the text editor will find only the whole words.


To replace an occurrence of the text, click Replace. After you click Replace, text editor moves to the next occurrence of the text.


Replace All
To replace all occurrences of the text


Find Next
Looks for the next matching string as defined in the search criteria given by the preceding Find command
Closes the dialog window


Quick Print

Click on this button to print the document without printing dialogs



Invokes the Print dialog to print the current document using the default printer.


Print Preview

Displays the Print Preview window for the current document.



Click on this button to check the text spelling


Check When Typing

Click on this button to check the spelling as you type



Opens Spell Checker options window



Click on this button to open Spell Checker dictionaries manager window


For more information about checking the text spelling please see the Spell Checker topic