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Document Page

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The Document page at Text Editor Ribbon bar is grouping all buttons dedicated to create, save open and manage documents, its view and setting options



Invokes the File Open dialog and loads the selected file into the text editor.



Saves a document to a file. If the document was not saved for the first time, the Save as dialog is invoked, prompting for a filename and a file type.


Save As

Invokes the File dialog prompting for a file name, and saves a document in a file with specified name and format.



Click on this button to create a new, blank document



Clears all text in document


Close All

Closes all opened documents. If the document that is being closed is not saved you will be prompted to save.
To close single document window use the X close button located on the right side of document window


Group Documents Views - Setting the view of documents


Simple View

Click on this button to simple view layout of documents. This view provides document pagination and displays basic page formatting


Draft View

Click on this button to set the draft view of documents
The draft view is the view without pagination. It does not display complex formatting features pertinent to the page layout. Use it for a simplest representation of the document


Print Layout

Click on this button to set the print layout view of documents

The page layout view is intended to display all formatting in the document, including complex, and can be used to preview the document printout


Group Options - Setting the default documents options

Invokes the Tabs dialog that allows you to set the tab stops and their characteristics.



Click on this button to change the default font typeface for new opened documents



Click on this button to change the font size for new opened documents