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Synchronization Scheduler

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Synchronization Scheduler is a feature that let you to synchronize your folders at the scheduled time.
You can use it to backup periodically your important files.



The following commands are available on the Scheduler's toolbar



This button can be checked or not.

If checked then the Scheduler is On. When the scheduled time comes then scheduler will execute folders synchronization.
Synchronization or comparison as well will be executed accordingly to all the settings set at Folders Synchronization page, same as clicking on the Start button.


Start Time

Here you can set the scheduler's start time and date


Repeat Task

Here you can set whether the task once started should be repeated or not
Check the Enable check mark and enter every how many minutes the task will repeat.
If Finish Time is not enabled then scheduler will go in the loop until you exit the File Manager.


Finish Time

Here you can set the scheduler's finish time and date

This is optional, and to have the finish time enable check the Enable check mark