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File Attributes

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In Sprintbit File Manager, you can view or change some file properties. These properties include file attributes such as read only, archive, hidden, system, and other.
File attributes are part of the directory information the operation system maintains for each file.
This information helps the operating system identify a file and controls the kinds of tasks you can perform with the file.

To open File Attributes window click on the Attributes button located at Main toolbar > Managers tab  > File group > Edit menu

File Attributes will open its window at the bottom of main window.
To close the window click small Close button that appear in the right bottom corner of software main window



If you had a file selected in current active File Browser then attributes of that file will be shown automatically.


Gets the attributes of selected file or folder.

Please not that the file's attributes are displayed automatically when you are selecting a file in File Browser.  You can change this behavior in options (described below).

In this window you will see the following file attributes; dates when file was created, accessed and modified and other file attributes



Sets the attributes for selected files or folders.

To set attributes simply change data on this window, you can choose a date when file was created, modified or accesses using built-in date pickers or enter a date manually into a date pickers text box

To change file attribute also you can check or uncheck appropriate check mark in attributes list on the right side of the window


Here is the drop down menu with some options.

When you are setting attributes you can choose one of the following options:


Apply changes to selected folders and files

Attributes will be set to selected folders and to all sub folders and all files inside if Recursive mode is set.


Apply changes to folders only

Attributes will be set only to selected folders and to all sub folders if Recursive mode is set.
The files inside will remain intact.


Apply changes to files only

Attributes will be set only to all selected files or to all files inside the selected folders if Recursive mode is set.



If checked then attributes will be set either to all folders or files inside selected folders.

Checking this option will enable to work with a lot of files at once. If this mode is unchecked you will work only with selected and visible files only.


Show data upon file selection

If checked then attributes of selected file in File Browser will be shown automatically otherwise you will have to use the Get button to display them manually.