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Windows File Browser

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Sprintbit File Manager is hosting and use native Windows System File Browser, yes the same one that you use with your version of windows.
You can work with this browser in the same way as you do using it in Windows system.
However, this is hosted browser only, embedded into our application, so there are some things that you should be aware of:

You cannot change the style of this browser using our view options, simply because the Windows system controls it.
Currently with the current implementation of Windows Browser, there is no way to achieve the behavior of selecting files in this browser from our code.
Microsoft did not exposed these options to developers yet, so you can just select files normally with mouse and keyboard keys.
So at this moment some commands from Files Selecting Menu does not work with this browser, beside this you can use all the rest our commands.
Also, we cannot implement some filtering commands as well

The browser has the same view and functionality like our File Browser so we will not repeat the same here.
The only difference is that on the toolbar has removed some selection and filtering commands that are not working with Windows Browser.
But in any case of problem you can always use our File Browser instead.

When you are reading this help file you can note that we does not distinguishing between types of file browsers.
So, whenever we refer to File Browser it links to our File Browser topic, but any topic refers to this browser as well.

This browser are designed for Vista and Windows 7, they will not be available on Windows XP. Sorry but Windows XP does not provide this functionality.