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Introducing Sprintbit File Manager

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Sprintbit File Manager 4.5 for Windows XP/Vista/7 and later is a fully featured application for viewing and managing files on your computer.
You can perform all standard file operations and use many tools that lets you work with files on you computer.
Sprintbit File Manager provides single, dual or multiple file displays, called File Browsers that may be grouped into a File Managers.
The number of File Browsers available to open is unlimited and you may swap between them as desired.
It works on 32 and 64 bit systems.


What you can do with the Sprintbit File Manager:

Files Exploring & Viewing Capabilities:

Explore your computer files using many file viewers and explorers the same way you do in windows system
View selected file contents or detailed information about file by use of built-in File Viewer. File Viewer recognizes a lot of file types.
View pictures
Play audio files. You can play all of major audio file types and some of less popular. See the full list of supported audio files.
Play video files. You can play all of major video. See the full list of supported video files.
Play encrypted audio and video files
View encrypted text files and images
View files properties
Use file filters to show different contents of browsed folders.
Print documents, graphics on any printer installed on computer
View drives information on charts & grids
View folders information on charts & grids
Check if files or folders fits on selected destination folder or drive


Files Management Capabilities:


Work directly with your files on your computer by use of File Managers.
Perform all standard file operation's like copying, moving, renaming, deleting, creating folders, change file names or extension, change volume names, creates new empty files, shortcuts to existing files and much   more....
Execute system commands like delete files from Recycle Bin, runs Control Panel items, shutdown, reboot computer, registering ocx, dll and many more.....
Shred files, delete files completely without any trace in your computer.
Search for files in your computer. File Searcher allows to search for specified files in your computer, returns the number of files/directories matching a specification and attributes.
With this feature, you can make also a list of specified files and export such list to many external formats.
Use Drag & Drop method, with the mouse you can drag files directly between Browsers. You can also Drag & Drop files to and from another Windows application as well.
Use automatic context menu processing. When you right-click on a selected file or group of files will display a standard alike Windows Explorer pop up-menu
Use Favorites & Run menus to build a list of your shortcuts for easy access to your favorite files or paths.
Use comparison and files synchronization features using Folder Synchronizer tool
Erase directory command deletes all files in a specified directory along with its sub directories, but will leave the directory structure itself intact.
Rename files on your computer with batch operation and use of many file name format styles.
Search & Replace multiple files at once with the source one. This tool allows you to search through folders for specified files and replace all of them with the one source file.
Copy or move multiple files to different locations at once by use of Multi Copy & Move utility.
Manage your system startup programs by use of built-in Startup Manager
Connect to directories shared on the network, use network drives.
Strong support for archive files and archive files browsing and management


File Editing Capabilities:


Decrypt or encrypt files
Create & edit shortcut files (.lnk)
You may check your shortcuts on your computer to see if it's valid, and for a valid item, in addition you can delete invalid links
Create or edit documents using Text Editor
Set files attributes
Split & Join files together
Edit and convert images using either Picture Viewer or Images Converter
Create and decompress ZIP, TAR & GZIP archives
Encrypt & Decrypt files and text.
Search, view cookies, manage cookies, restore accepted cookies or delete unwanted cookie files


Scheduling Capabilities:


Schedule folders synchronization or files backup from one folder to another
Start software with computer and perform scheduled tasks


Software has configurable interface that allows you to change colors, fonts and skins.

Everything can be done just by one click; it can't be any easier and faster.

We continually work to improve our software. As part of this effort, we develop updates and fixes very often.