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Files Selecting Actions

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Sprintbit File Manager offers a few file Selection methods. All of them are available from the Selection button menu and some of them are also available in the File Browser toolbar.

To perform files selection task please click on one of the commands located at main software window ribbon bar in File group > Select button menu

All commands works with currently focused File Browser but not with Windows File Browser yet



The Select button works in two ways;

1. It has a menu where from you can execute all select commands.

2. You can click directly on big button's icon to execute the default Select All action.



Select All

Selects all files in File Browser view



Deselect the File Browser view



Toggle the view selection, selected files becomes unselected and vice versa


Select Folders

Selects only all folders in File Browser view


Select Files

Selects only all files in File Browser view


Select Archives

Selects only all archives in File Browser view. Archives like .zip .tar . rar .bz .bzip .cab .tip etc


Select Extension

Selects All the files with the same extension as the selected one


Compare Displays Contents

Click on this button to compare files existence between two File Browsers.

This command will not compare anything else but it will checked whether files does exists or not

If any file exist in other File Browser it will be highlighted.