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Windows Manager

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Windows Manager is a dual pane manager, in the other words it has a two Windows File Browsers that works with each other.
You do not have like that in windows system but here you can use it in dual combination
To open its window click on the open Windows Manager big button located at Main toolbar > Manager tab  > Managers group > Open menu
You can open unlimited number of its windows.


One of the File Browsers is a source Browser (active) and the other one is the destination Browser (inactive).
The browser that is active will have its title bar highlighted, otherwise the browser that is inactive will have its title bar painted with different color.
Colors of the title bars, either for active or inactive browser can be set in the software options.
On our sample picture above the left browser is active and has its title bar highlighted in dark blue color, but the inactive, right file browser has light blue title bar.

How to set browser active:
1. You can click on a file or folder in a certain browser then you will set that browser as current (active) browser.
2. Select a title bar with mouse.
What to do with Windows Manager:
1. You can use all file commands located on the main software toolbar's Manager page to work with selected files and folders in any active File Browser
   Please read Windows Browser topic about some limitations

2. You can use file commands located on the File Browser toolbar to work with selected files and folders
3. You can copy or move files and folders directly between source and destination File Browser.
There are three ways to copy or move files:

a. Use Copy or Move commands located on the main software toolbar's Manager page

b. Use Drag & Drop operation with the mouse, you can drag files directly from one File Browser to another
c. Use Cut, Copy and Paste buttons located on each File Browsers toolbars

d. Use native Windows systems commands that are available and exposed
You can change widths of File Browsers by placing a mouse on a panes splitter located in the middle of panes, while holding left mouse button drag the splitter bar with mouse to the left or right side.
You can also tile the two panes vertically or horizontally. To do so click Tile Vertically or Tile Horizontally buttons located in Displays menu.