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Using Encrypted Files

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Sprintbit File Manager can open, play or view most of the encrypted files in its viewers.

In this version of the program all image files and most of text files can be decrypted directly to memory and viewed using software viewers directly, no intermediate files will be created.
However the intermediate files will be created for audio and video files playback.

In time we will update the program to handle more encrypted files so they can be opened directly from memory.


In addition to that the software can open or execute any other file type, but the intermediate files will be created

Please also review the Encryption Options topic for more information how to view encrypted files in secure and easy way


You can also encrypt audio and video files using Sprintbit File Manager and then play them using our other programs.
The following multimedia programs are ready and can play files encrypted by Sprintbit File Manager:


Sprintbit Playlist Manager
Sprintbit Media Player
Home Multimedia Library

These programs are available to download from our web site.

Other our programs will use encrypted files soon.