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The Tools page at Ribbon bar is grouping all buttons that opens a variety of Sprintbit File Manager features




Picture Viewer

Click on this button to open Picture Viewer, a feature for viewing images and basic images editing
The Picture Viewer is also always automatically opened whenever you double click on a image file in any File Browser


Folders Information

Click on this button to open Folders Information, a feature for viewing information about selected folder and its sub folders, to check out folders size and its files


Drives Information

Opens a Drives Information where you can view basic information about your all drives




Text Editor

Click on this button to open Text Editor, a fully featured text and documents editor


Files Renamer

Click on this button to open Files Renamer, a feature for batch renaming files


Images Converter

Opens a Images Converter that lets you convert between a variety of image formats


Shortcuts Editor

Click on this button to open Shortcuts Editor, a feature for editing or creating shortcuts (.lnk) files


Shortcuts Validation

Click on this button to open Shortcuts Validation, a feature for checking out the shortcut files to see whether they are valid and target shortcut fie does exists



Opens a Cryptography feature that lets you encrypt and decrypt files and text




Startup Manager

Click on this button to open Startup Manager, a feature for removing or adding your computer startup programs


Macros Editor

Click on this button to open Macros Editor, a feature for setting up or editing Sprintbit File Manager macros



Opens a Folders Synchronizer that lets you synchronize files in two folders




Register File

This button has two commands in its menu:

Register & Unregister File
These a tools provides the capability to register and unregister any ActiveX DLL/EXE/OCX/AX component.

Select a file in File Browser and click on the Register or Unregister button to register or unregister file



Click on this button to open Sign Files, a feature for digitally signing files


Cookies Manager

Opens a Cookies Manager that lets you view and manage cookie files in your computer