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Text Editor Overview

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The Sprintbit File Manager Text Editor provides you with a editor which has the power you're expecting from a word processor. It is intended to aid you in creating full-featured text applications with complex formatting and display capabilities. Multi-language spell checking is backed by the Spell Checker feature. Full RTF standard support and enhanced performance will meet all of your expectations.

To open Text Editor window click the Text Editor button located at Main toolbar > Tools tab  > Editors group

The window is divided into a two groups of controls:

All commands that you can use to work with the text editor are located on the Ribbon Bar

  These commands are grouped into the following ribbon bar pages:

Edit, Document, Tools, Insert
Most commands can be executed via keyboard shortcuts recognized by the Text Editor. A list of default command shortcuts is shown in the Text Editor Keys topic

Documents tabs, you can open and edit multiple documents at once


Below is a short list of the features available to you in the Text Editor:


Rich Text Formatting

Character and Paragraph Formatting - Provides all formatting features you would expect from a word processor. Characters can be formatted using different settings for font, font size and character style - bold, italics, underlined, strike-through style and different colors for background and foreground. Formatting options for paragraphs include alignment, indentation, variable paragraph and line spacing.
Bullets and Numbered Lists - The Rich Text Editor provides full support for bullets and numbered lists. Lists are numbered automatically.
Styles - Document formatting can be stored and applied by using styles. Styles facilitate quick modification of a document's formatting and allow centralized control of formatting options. The editor supports both paragraph and character based styles, as well as multiple style inheritance. Style sheets are compatible with MS Word.
Multi-column Layout - This functionality allows you to flow the text across multiple columns.
Document Sections - Documents can be partitioned into a number of different sections with individual page settings.

Text Operations

Clipboard - ASCII and RTF formats are used by built-in clipboard operations.
Find and Replace - A search can be performed in a document for text or any character combination, including special characters. When found, the text can be replaced if required.
Multi-Level Undo/Redo - Mistakes can be easily corrected on the spot, with the help of this option.
Images - Images can be inserted into a document and positioned as characters. Images can be resized freely and proportionally.

Document View

Predefined Views - Three predefined views are available.
Zooming - Text can be zoomed in and out to any reasonable extent. All text processing features are available at any zoom level.
Printing or exporting to many external formats

Multi-Language Support

Spell Checking - The text editor has built-in support for spell checking.


Supported File Formats

Image - The Editor provides support for the most popular image file formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, WMF, EMF.
Load and Save - Documents can be loaded and saved using Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML, web page archive format (MHTML), Open Office XML format (aka Office 2007 or .docx) or as unformatted text.