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Insert Page

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The Insert page at Text Editor Ribbon bar has tolls that lets you insert a variety of elements into a document text


Quick Styles

Here is a drop down list with predefined styles you can apply to selected text.
The contents of styles may vary and text editor control uses styles that are contained in the loaded RTF document


Insert Picture from File
Prompts for the file location, and inserts a picture from file


Page Break
Inserts a page break.


Click the button to open Bookmark dialog window. The following commands are available on this window:


Bookmark Name
Defines a bookmark in the document. The bookmark name cannot contains spaces.
Add defined bookmark to the collection.

Deletes the selected bookmark
Go to
Goes to selected bookmark and scrolls the document


Insert Hyperlink

Click on this button to


Insert Symbol

Invokes the Symbol dialog window.


To insert a symbol into a document select symbol and click OK button. The symbol will be inserted at current cursor position in document