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Startup Manager

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Startup Manager is simply but functional tool that let you to:


See what programs are launched when your computer starts up.
Add programs to startup folder or registry
Remove programs from startup folder or registry
Change the startup arguments

This tool is rather for use for advanced computer users. If you do not know what are the startup folders or registry keys do not use it. Removing values from registry keys might hurt your system.


To open its window click on the open Startup Manager button located at Main toolbar > Tools tab  > Management group

The window is divided into two part:


1.Toolbar commands
2.List of Starting Programs

Toolbar commands



This command lets you add a program to startup folder or registry key.
When you click this button the following window will open:


Where to add a program to start:

You can select a startup folder or registry key from the Key drop down list


To add a file to start click the small ... button located on the right side of the File text box as seen in the picture above.
A browse for file dialog wing opens where you can select a file you want to add


Additionally you can  enter the program startup arguments into a Arguments text box.

To add the program click the Proceed button, to cancel the edit click the Cancel button



This command lets you edit existing program startup options

To edit simply select a program the list and then click this button. When you click this button then the similar window as seen above will open.
You can change the registry key or startup folder by selecting an starting point from Key drop down list.

Also you can change the file by either directly editing a path in File text box or using small ... button located on the right side of the File text box

Arguments can be edited directly

To accept the changes click the Proceed button, to cancel the edit click the Cancel button



Removes selected program from a startup folder or registry key.


This command actually does not remove the software from your computer but the startup entry.



This command refreshes the startup list.

The list is automatically refreshed when this window is opening or you use add or remove commands.
However is may be useful to see the changes when you are using Windows Registry Editor tool.


Registry Editor

Opens a Windows Registry Editor where you can edit registry entries
Only for advanced users!


List Of Starting Programs

This hierarchical list shows all programs that are starting with your computer from either a Startup Folder or Registry
Here is a sample picture of a part of broader view:

The list may be grouped into a following groups:


1. User's Startup Folder

2. Common Startup Folder

3. Registry - Local Machine - Run

4. Registry - Local Machine - RunOnce

5. Registry - Local Machine - RunOnceEx

6. Registry - Local Machine - RunServices

7. Registry - Current User - Run

8. Registry - Current User - RunOnce

9. Registry - Current User - RunOnceEx

10. Registry - Current User - RunServices


Please note that only those groups that has program to start will be shown

List columns:


Shows the startup program name (in startup folders) or name of value of registry key


Shows a path to a file (in startup folders) or value from registry key without arguments.


Shows the startup program arguments