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Split File

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This Sprintbit File Manager tool allows to split one file into series of smaller files.

To split a file please click on the Split File button located at main Main toolbar > Managers tab  > File group > Edit menu.
At the main software ribbon bar new page with commands appears:



How to split a file:

1.Select a file in File Browser
2.Set file segment size using controls located within Segment Size group
3.Click the big Split button to begin



This command starts the file splitting process. Selected file will be split into a smaller pieces

The segment files can be written either directly onto diskettes, or into a directory on the hard disk.
The segment files automatically have a numerical prefix appended indicating their order.
You can choose whether you want to split files in the same directory or not by checking the Split file into the same folder check mark.
To stop the split you can click the Cancel button that appears in the right-bottom corner of the main software window


Segment Size

Here are a few components that lets you set a file segment size:
Segment size text box

This is the most important part, here you must either enter manually or by using other commands a file segment size.

You can enter the file segment size in Bytes, KB - Kilobytes, MB - Megabytes or GB- Giga bytes

To choose the file segments size mode select appropriate radio button


The smaller file segment size allowed is 1024 bytes and there is no limit how big the segment might be.

Sprintbit File Manager can split all kind of files regardless of its size.



Here is a drop down menu that includes some file size presets you can choose. If you choose a preset then the Segment Size control will be filled with the preset values.

The default is User Defined, which means that you need to calculate the file segment size yourself.


Split file into the same folder

If checked then a selected file will be split into the same folder.


If unchecked the file is split into a destination folder.
Destination folder means the other File Browser when you are working with File Manager or Multi File Manager

If you are attempting to split file selected in other features that have only one File Browser like Single Browser then this option will be ignored.


Closes the split page