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The Interface page at Ribbon bar is grouping buttons dedicated to control Sprintbit File Manager interface



Send To Tray

Sends program to Windows System Tray. While program resides in the tray there a popup menu is available.

To open a popup menu move mouse over a tray icon and click right mouse button.

You can control the playback, exit from program or show the main window again.

To show the main window you can also double click on icon tray.


Quick Access Toolbar
Here you can control Quick Access Toolbar position and visibility.  Quick Access Toolbar displays frequently used commands.
You can add specific buttons from the Ribbon bar to this toolbar yourself

It's possible to display the bar along the top or bottom edge of the Ribbon bar, or hide it .
To set bar visibility or position please select one of available options from Quick Access Toolbar drop down list.

How to add or remove buttons please see Ribbon Bar End-User Capabilities topic



Click on this button to select a language in which you want to view software Interface captions and receive messages.
Software supports all major languages now.




Skins Gallery

Software interface may be skinned, here you can choose a skin. The gallery has three small buttons on the right side.

The Up and Down buttons will scroll through gallery and you can view skins thumbnails. The third button opens a popup window that displays bigger thumbnails and skin names.

To apply a skin to software interface click on a skin thumbnail.

Choosing the skin will set the software style to Skin automatically, see Styles below for more styles.


Windows Style


Click on this button to open a drop down list where you can select the style how the software windows are painted
While the whole interface is skinned you may additionally set the different styles for software windows separately.
the following window styles are available



The window elements are painted flat


Ultra Flat

The window elements are painted ultra flat


Office 2003

Windows elements are painted using the scheme introduced in MS Office 2003



Windows elements are displayed using 3D.



Windows are skinned as the rest of software elements, this is default setting.



The window elements are painted in standard style


Windows XP

View elements are painted using the currently applied XP theme. If the operating system is not Windows XP or the Windows Classic theme is currently used, the windows are painted using the Flat style.



Switches between Tabbed and MDI style windows.

When this button is checked then all software windows will be opened within tabs:
To switch between opened window you just can click on a tab.


When this button is un-checked then all software windows will be opened in MDI (Multiple Document Interface) style:


To switch between opened window you can just can click on a window or use the Windows menu located within next group of commands.
Here is the sample picture of cascaded windows:


MDI Style
This menu becomes enabled when Tabbed is un-checked. Here from this menu you can select how to arrange all windows.
You can cascade or tile them horizontally or vertically.




On Top

Makes the main Media Player's window to stay on the top of all opened windows on Desktop or not





This menu contains a list currently opened windows. When you click on a button then appropriate window will be brought up to the front.


Drives Bar

The Drives bar is showing the available drives in your system. Sprintbit File Manager has two drives bars built-in. One can be displayed bellow the main toolbar (ribbon bar) and other one as additional page within the ribbon bar' interface
Here are the options that sets how bars with are displayed:
Computer Page
Select this option to enable the view of drives bar as additional Computer page in main toolbar.
Select this option to enable the view of drives bar as toolbar below the main toolbar
Toolbar & Page

Select this option to enable the view of drives bar as toolbar below the main toolbar and as ribbon page altogether


Please note that the effect of the selection will take place after the main toolbar lose its focus (for example if you click mouse whenever else)