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Images Converter

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Images Converter is simply and easy to use but yet powerful feature that let you to convert between different Images formats.

It works directly with images on disk so it's fast and convenient to use. It can also convert your encrypted images.


To open a Images Converter window click on the Images Converter button located at Main toolbar > Tools tab  > Editors group


The Images Converter window is divided into a three major parts:

File Browser for browsing computer and selecting images files you want to convert.
Tree View  for browsing computer and selecting the destination folder where to save converted images (optionally)
Navigation Bar for executing commands and choosing converter options


How to convert Images:


1.Select image files in the File Browser. You can select folders with images as well.
The File Browser is initially set to show only image files so when browsing your computer you will not see any other files just images.


2.Choose the output image format at 'Convert To' page:

This group contains a list of available Images formats. Please select to which format you want to convert selected images.
All selected images in File Browser will be converted to selected format


3. Select the destination where you want to store converted images at "Save Converted Images In" group

This group of options contains a few options that will tell the software where to save your converted Images:
You can choose to save in:

In Files Folder

Save converted images in the same folders where the source images files are located

In Destination Folder

Save converted images into the destination folder selected at destination folder browser


3.Click the Convert button located at navigation bar to begin



Other Commands available on the navigation bar


Opens this help topic file



This group contains a few options you may use:

Search recursively

If this option is enabled then you can select the folders in File Browser as well, in that case all images found in the selected folder will be converted too.