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Files Explorer

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Files Explorer is a combination of single File Browser and files properties viewer.

You can use this feature to explore you computer and perform basic file tasks on selected files as well.


The difference between other browsers is that you can choose here to browse either files and folders or files and folders in your computer separately.

This browsers provides also quick access to the most common system folders.


To open its window click on the open Files Explorer button located at Main toolbar > Manager tab  > Managers group.
You can open unlimited number of Files Explorer windows.


How to work with File Explorer:

You can use this File Explorer in the same way as you use the regular File Browser.

On the right side of the window is files properties viewer:


Whenever you click on a file or folder in File Browser then properties of selected file will be shown in that viewer


While browsing your computer you can choose which files File browser can show:


By checking or unchecking the check marks you can choose to show by File Browser folder with files as normally or just folders or files.
In addition you can check whether you want to see archive files, system or hidden files

File Explorer provides also quick access to the most common system folders



To see the folder contents just click on a link