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Favorite Folders

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Favorite Folders is a feature that lets you organize you folder to synchronize into a lists of folders

You create as many list of folders as you wish and each list can hold many folders.




Add Folders List

Here are grouped a few controls that allows to add a new list to your collection of lists of folders.

Click this button a add a list to the collection

First you must enter a name into a List Name text box, optionally you can also give some description of a list

A new list will be added and listed on List of Folders that is located on the right side of Favorite Folders tab as you can see in the picture below


Manage Lists

After you have some lists added to your collection you can manage them by deleting them, rename or open and load list folders to use

Open List

Opens selected list on List of Folders and loads its folders into a list located on the left side of the Favorite Folders tab as you can see in the picture below


Deletes selected lists from your collection. All associated folders will be deleted too.



Renames selected list. A dialog window opens where you can enter a new name. Also you can type a new name directly in list cell.



After you have some lists added to your collection then you can add some folders to them.
Here a re few commands that lets you add and manage folders for one opened list.


Add To List

To add folders to list select two folders at Source & Destination Folder - Tree Views and then click this button.

In the result selected folders will be added and appear on the folders list



Deletes selected folders from currently opened list.


Set Source Set Destination

Although the folders are added to a list for the first time, you can later change them

These commands will set/change the Source or Destination Folder in selected row at folders list.

How to do:

1. Select a folder at Source & Destination Folder - Tree Views

2. Click a button assign the folder.


Move Up

Moves up selected folders in the list


Move Down

Moves down selected folders in the list


In addition to moving folders up & down you can also rearrange them using Cut, Copy and Paste commands from the Edit menu



Favorite Folders Collection

Here is a sample picture of the Favorite Folders tab



Each set of folders have a check mark. It indicates that the set of that folders will be used with synchronization or comparison
If you want to exclude some of folders from synchronization uncheck this check mark


Source Folder & Destination Folder

Full paths to folders that ware being synchronized



Here you can selected what kind of action will be taken during the synchronization. When synchronizing folders theirs files may be copied or moved.

There are two options to choose; Copy or Move

We recommend to select a Copy action as default method.



Here you can enter some description of your folders etc