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Cookies Manager

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Cookies Manager is another simply but yet functional tool of Sprintbit File Manager
This tool lets you to view, search and manage cookies.
You can store cookies that are important for you into a software database and later restore them back to the disk if necessary.
This functionality may become handy in case after you delete all cookies from computer.


To open its window click on the open Cookies Manager button located at Main toolbar > Tools tab  > System group

The Cookies Manager's window is divided into four part:

1. Toolbar

2. File Browser

 This browser however do not show special folders lists but only file commands.
 In addition it does have check marks for checking cookie files for further processing.
 Normally when you work with files with File Browser you select files using mouse, here you must also select them by checking the check mark

3. Text Viewer

 Simple text viewer located on the right side of the window. You can view a cookie file just by selecting a file with mouse in File Browser,
 Also you can drag a cookie file from File Browser and drop it onto a text Viewer to view it.

4. Accepted Cookies List
       A list of you cookies that you have accepted to keep and stored into a database.
 This list is also located on the right side of the window

Toolbar commands


Cookies finder, you can search cookie files for specified search term. If a cookie file that contains your search word is found then it will be checked and selected in File Browser.

This finder will search for a specified term in file name and also within cookie file text.
To start the search enter a search term into a text box and then click the Find button, please note that the searching may take some time.



This menu has a few buttons for selecting cookie files in File Browser. In this File browser here you must select files by checking the check mark.

Select All Check Marks

This command selects all the check marks in File Browser


Deselect All Check Marks

This command deselects all the check marks in File Browser


Check Selected Cookies

This command checks all check marks for files that are selected in File Browser normal way with mouse or mouse and keys



This menu has a few buttons for deleting cookie files in File Browser

Delete Selected

Deletes checked cookies from disk. Again, please note that this feature operates on files that are checked by the check mark.

Exclude Accepted Cookies
When deleting cookies from disk you may want to not delete those that are useful for you.

This option is for that purpose, if checked then those cookies that are in your accepted cookies list will not be deleted from disk, even when they are selected by check mark.

This way when you have a lot of cookies you can check them all, and delete all. All garbage cookie files will be deleted and yours good ones not.

Accepted Cookies
This menu has a few buttons for managing cookie files

Add To Accepted Cookies

Click this button to add checked cookie files in File Browser to your list of accepted cookies


Delete Accepted Cookies

Click this button to delete selected cookies from your list of accepted cookies.
To select cookies on you list simply use mouse to selected them, also you can use shift and ctrl keys with mouse to select more cookies.



This command restores selected cookies in Accepted cookies List to the disk. It will don quietly and fast, file that already exist on disk will be overwritten.


Cookies Folder

Use this command to refresh/display your cookies folder in the File Browser.

Program displays cookies folder contents automatically at the startup, however in some case you may want to use this command..