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Archiver Overview

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Files Archiver is specifically designed to meet all the compressing and decompressing requirements that you may have.
It includes a numerous functions that give you the power to create, update, extract, list, and generate password protected archive files.


Sprintbit File Manager supports the following archive types: ZIP GZIP BZIP TAR


You can compress or decompress files with on click only:
1. Select folders or files in any File Browser
2. Click the big Archive button located at Main toolbar > Manager tab  > Tools group:
A button and menu that contains buttons for compressing and decompressing files. You can use this button in two ways:
Select an command from its drop down menu or click on a big button's icon.
When you click on the button's icon and you have selected files then this will invoke default Compress command and create an archive.
When you click on the button's icon and you have selected an archive file then this will invoke default Decompress command.
You can browse ZIP and TAR archives as they were regular folders.
When browsing ZIP & TAR archives you can copy files from within archive without decompressing entire archive
To do so just select files as normal and use Copy commands located at main software toolbar.


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